Q: I know my .JOBS Microsite is mobile ready, but what kind of reports does Google Analytics have around mobile?

A: Google Analytics tracks all sorts of interesting reports, but the one that will impress your boss the most is the mobile traffic report. It is easy for people to talk about how mobile internet traffic is growing, but real tangible evidence showing mobile traffic trends is much more useful.

Within Google Analytics underneath the audience section is a drop down report called Mobile. This is where all sorts of interesting mobile reports can be found. The two subsets of reports are Overview and Devices. Overview gives a breakdown of all the traffic hitting the site and tells whether the traffic was mobile internet traffic or desktop internet traffic. This report shows the trends in mobile traffic and allows you to determine the percentage of your traffic coming from mobile devices. Across all the microsite the percentage of mobile traffic is usually somewhere between 10 – 20%.

The example report above says that during this time period 1,138 people hit the microsite from a mobile device. This is 15% of their total traffic.

The other report under Mobile is titled Devices. This report gives a breakdown of which mobile devices set you traffic. It will tell you how many people hit you from an iPhone, a Samsung, and even from an iPod Touch.

So, next time you have a meeting discussing the growth in job seeker traffic from mobile devices, give us a call and we can help you pull actual reports.

Seth Flater
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