The above title is an absolute mouthful. You probably read that and think to yourself what in blue blazes does that mean. Well with a few screen shots and a little explanation I hope to explain what the phrase “.JOBS Billboard Sponsorships with Hotspots” means. First you have to understand that there are two different types of .JOBS sites that we operate. The first type are the company branded microsites. These sites include only one companies jobs and are owned by that particular company. Examples of this type of site are http://dow.jobs, and  The second type of .JOBS sites are location and occupation specific and contain jobs from every company/state agency that provides us with jobs (over 1 million jobs in our system). Within this type of site is where the billboard sponsorships exist. Below is a example from showing a billboard sponsorship for Phillips 66. The screenshot also shows the 3 billboard hotspots with one opened up showing the ad. The best way to experience billboards and hotspots is to view them live, so if you didn’t click on the first link then try this one

Below is another example showing IHG’s sponsorship on and one of it’s hotspots.

Hopefully by now  you are understanding what .JOBS Billboard Sponsorships with Hotspots mean, but you are asking why should I care.  The screenshot below shows why. “Texas Jobs” is searched in some variation 1 Million times a month, is currently the second result right behind the Texas State Job Bank.  We are giving companies the ability to take their brand and merge it with their company. Billboard Sponshorships with Hotspots are simply defined as Brand Meets Location, Brand Meets Occupation.

Seth Flater
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