“The bottom line is to be passionate about what you’re doing. Those that find that passion and look at their work as something they look forward to, often find that the other goals that they have in their lives fall into place.”

Randy Goldberg
Vice President of Talent Management, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

An employee of Hyatt Hotels Corporation for more than two decades, Randy Goldberg already has the expertise and experience that other HR professionals strive their entire careers to achieve. Starting his career as a concierge while he completed college, Randy has worked his way up the ranks at Hyatt over the last 25 years to his current position as the Vice President of Talent Management.

I had the chance to sit down with Randy during our Annual Meeting & Conference to discuss his personal experiences within the realm of HR and recruiting. An Arizona State University graduate, husband, and father of three, Randy offers insight into Hyatt’s strengths in talent acquisition, and offers inspirational advice that professionals can learn from at any stage in their career.

Nancy: Tell me what you initially thought you were going to do when you graduated from college.
Randy: I honestly had no idea what I was going to do. I thought maybe going into pharmaceutical sales might make sense. Pretty good pay, a car. But while I was interviewing, I started working for Hyatt during my last semester as a concierge, and I just ended up loving it.

Nancy: So, you stayed at Hyatt, how did you get where you are now?
Randy: I did, while I was in my first role at Hyatt, the HR Director who was there at the time had approached me and said, “Hey, we know you’re graduating from school soon. Did you know Hyatt had a management training program? Would you be interested in it? We think you might be a good candidate for that program.” I liked what I was doing so much, I thought it better that I go into something that I really enjoy rather than this other track of potentially going into a sales type of role.

Nancy: What does Hyatt do well in talent acquisition and human resources that others may not.
Randy: The hospitality work environment can be great experience for many; it’s also one that requires a lot of work and flexibility. We’re very honest with candidates about this work environment. From a recruiting standpoint, we do everything we can to make sure that candidates understand the demands of the job. We make sure they speak with others in the job that they are interested in as well. What our candidates see and hear is the real thing.

I think we also do a pretty good job of connecting with people. We do this in a very personal way. While our interviews have some structure there is also flexibility to tailor the interview to the individual. The interview feels more like having a conversation, learning about what interests the candidate the most, and sharing what the Hyatt experience is about. We also utilize social media extensively. We have seen potential candidates tweet something like, “I just applied at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, I hope I get the job!” and then all of a sudden Hyatt Careers responds with “Thanks for your interest in Hyatt, we will follow up with the hotel.” This doesn’t always mean they’re going to get the job, but at least they know that someone’s watching and they’re not going to get lost in the whole shuffle.

We also have a very active Facebook page. While we will post information about Hyatt and careers, the best part is that our employees will also post information and respond to candidates. Obviously we will respond as well, but there’s just a higher level of engagement that I think really makes our recruiting process authentic.

Nancy: People can generally manage people, but the key is really to develop the people that you manage. So what’s your secret, and is it the same for Hyatt?
Randy: The culture of the company is very consistent. Whether you’re working for the Hyatt Indianapolis, San Diego or Chicago, the work experience at Hyatt is consistent across the brands and locations. Talent mobility is alive and well at Hyatt, because of all the transfers and promotions that happen within our company our leaders are all repeating and sharing the same message and values. I think as long as your employees know that you truly care about their best interest and you’re giving them the tools and development they need to do their jobs and be successful, they will feel valued and engaged.

Nancy: You are clearly a family man. Reflecting on your experience in the HR industry, what advice would you give your kids about having a fulfilling career and future?
Randy: My parents used to tell me, and I’ll tell my kids the same thing, it doesn’t matter to me what career they choose, I want them to love what they do and to be the best that they can possibly be in their chosen field. The bottom line is to be passionate about what you’re doing. Those that find that passion and look at their work as something they look forward to, often find that the other goals that they have in their lives fall into place. Lastly, I would encourage them to take on new responsibilities and opportunities when they are presented. I never thought I would leave Arizona but ended up working in seven different locations with Hyatt. These opportunities presented me with new challenges and learning opportunities and ultimately gave me the skills that I have today. Be a life long leaner.

Do what you love, and love what you do! We greatly appreciate Randy taking the time to sit down and discuss his personal career path and Hyatt’s outstanding HR management techniques. Learn more from HR peers from companies like Hyatt at our DirectEmployers Annual Meeting & Conference, October 21-24 in San Diego, CA. Visit the site to learn more and register.

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