Q: Data Robot, I keep hearing about Analytics Dashboards, what does Google Analytics offer in terms of dashboards.

A: Great question, Google Analytics has a robust Analytics Dashboard function that comes with every account. What makes it great is that Google realizes that not all sites are the same so building one dashboard for all sites is not overly useful. What Google Analytics does is it gives you a basic out of the box dashboard, but it also allows you to build custom ones that fit your needs. For our purposes with .JOBS Microsites there are 3 options currently available when it comes to Analytics Dashboards.

The first option is that you use the generic one that is provided.  The generic dashboard shows major statistics like Visits, Conversions, and Bounce Rate but it does not show specific reports related to SEO growth and job seeker behavior. Below is a screenshot of the generic dashboard for IBM.

The second option is that we here at DirectEmployers have built a .JOBS Microsite Dashboard that captures the important reports related to .JOBS SEO. This dashboard contains things like SEO Visits, Goal Completions, Traffic Breakdowns, Heat Maps of traffic location, Top 10 Searches, and Top 10 Microsites. If you would be interested in this option then we can easily share out this dashboard version with you and you can attach it to your companies Google Analytics account. This is a very simple process and we would be happy to walk you through it. Below is a screenshot of this dashboard for IBM.

Finally, the third option is for you to build your own Google Analytics Dashboard. The interface to build your own is really simple, and actually as you look through reports there is an ability to save that report to your dashboard. Again if this is something you would be interested in, we would be more than happy to walk you through this process as well.

Seth Flater
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