“Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.” – Marty Neumeier

A strong brand can be a company’s most valuable asset when they successfully achieve brand consistency. Whether it’s the homepage header, social media accounts, print materials or the career site, brands should strive to evoke similar emotions and recognition that maintain a consistent presence throughout their various marketing channels. Flowserve recognized that marketing strategies should extend beyond the consumers to the job seekers and recently revisited their career site to add additional branding and customization. Our most recent career site rebrand seamlessly aligns Flowserve.jobs with Flowserve.com, helping to create a candidate experience that flows cohesively from start to finish.

Flowserve’s corporate career site: Flowserve.com

Flowserve’s career site: Flowserve.jobs


In order to achieve this flawless transition, we repurposed elements from their main website and used them throughout their .JOBS career site’s custom branding template. The custom template gave us the flexibility to embed videos into the header, add an interactive jobs map, a career area slider and extra images to create a similar look and feel to Flowserve.com.

Custom Solutions

To help create a candidate experience unique to Flowserve and their hiring needs, we developed a custom solution that includes the following:

Nine Translated Country Domains

The translated country domains give candidates a tailored job search experience no matter where they are located. In addition to presenting their job opportunities, we also implemented a Military Skills Translator on their veteran’s page to match up Flowserve’s jobs with the candidate’s military skill set. Flowserve’s customized jobs map physically shows job seekers where the current opening are located to help them narrow down their search.

Military Skills Translator

Military Crosswalk to translate veterans skills to open civilian jobs: http://flowserve-vetrans.jobs

Static Pages with Nine Language Translations

Jobs Map

To experience the full solution, visit http://flowserve.jobs/ and gain inspiration on how you can turn your own career site into a recruitment marketing tool that highlights your company’s jobs, locations, culture and brand.




Jaime Costilow
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