DirectEmployers does everything in its power to bring top-notch products and services to Members. One of those products is Job Syndication. What is Job Syndication? Let’s start by breaking down the name.

The first word: Job. Easy! Those are open, external positions from each Member company at DirectEmployers.

The second word: Syndication. Maybe not so easy. According to, the word syndication means, “the sharing of content among different websites.” And that is exactly what the technology at DirectEmployers does. It shares job content from its Member companies with 1,000’s of different websites to expand your recruitment reach on the internet.

To understand why we use this kind of technology, it can be helpful to understand how the Association started. In early 2001, when the Association was first conceptualized, traditional job boards were big. However, these job boards were also expensive and becoming cost prohibitive for companies to list 100% of their jobs on the internet for recruitment purposes. Because the cost to list individual jobs was increasing, companies were forced to cherry-pick the positions that were higher priority than others.

Another problem…how do we get job seekers back to the company’s career site to apply? Companies spent a lot of time and money building out their own recruitment brand and thus wanted job seekers to apply directly to them. Traditional job boards were capturing the job seeker information and then passing it along to companies, which left many wondering if information ever reached its destination.

Enter 14 forward-thinking companies with an idea…what if they could create and build a technology that was bigger and better than what was currently available to distribute all of their jobs all over the internet without spending their entire recruitment budget?

These original 14 founding member companies pooled their financial resources and brain-power to create what is now DirectEmployers Association and began building the technology you see today as Job Syndication. The Job Syndication process indexes all Member jobs from the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or job feed. Jobs are then loaded into the DirectEmployers system where our technology syndicates them to over 1,000 niche sites, state job sites, over 3,600 local one-stop career centers and more. The neat thing about this process is that it runs automatically while you sleep. There is no need for our Members to select an option to ensure jobs are sent to us or take any other action. If the job is available on your company’s external career site, we index it and syndicate it.

Did I also mention that Job Syndication includes ALL member jobs?  There is no need to purchase a “job pack” or specific number of jobs and then monitor what is sent and what is not.  Everything open and external on a Member’s career site is included in the syndication process.

The best part about Job Syndication is that the job seeker is always funneled directly back to the company’s ATS to apply. This creates an improved job seeker experience because they know they are applying directly to the company and the company knows they are capturing all of the job seeker’s information directly into their database.

Since 2001, we have built an extraordinary list of syndicated partners. Our partnership team works diligently to create alliances with top-tier organizations so your jobs are getting in front of qualified job counselors and active job seekers alike. But we also want your suggestions for syndicated partner sites. Have you met a partner that you think might benefit by working with DirectEmployers? Send them our way! Remember, as Members, you own the Association and we are ultimately here to help you work more efficiently.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to see a full demonstration of all the products and services included in membership, please reach out our membership team by emailing or calling (866) 268-6206. Job Syndication is just one component of the solutions offered by DirectEmployers. For a full demo of our products and services, complete our request a demo form.

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