Outreach.  Documentation.  Planning.  Coordinating.  Motivating.

These are just a few of the daunting tasks associated with getting any type of outreach and documentation process started within your company, as part of your obligations as a government contractor. But, what if there were four simple actions that could start you down the path? What if you weren’t responsible for going out and buying another product, learning it, and training your team? What if there was a team standing ready to help you get this implemented within your company?

Well, wonder no more! The Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) is a mighty product that has been in the DirectEmployers arsenal since 2014. It was originally built to be a repository for government contractors to manage the outreach they were required to do as part of the VEVRAA and Section 503 regulations, however, at its core, PRM is a documentation tool, plain and simple. Regardless of the type of communication you are trying to collect and store, PRM can handle it. For example, maybe you have a college recruiting team that needs a place to document the colleges they are contacting for internships. The PRM can help organize your information and store in one area, accessible by your entire team! Perhaps you have a group of ERGs that need to document their interaction and meetings. This system can help here, too! 

There are four basic functions within PRM, which include:

  • Create: Partner and contact records and tags for easy categorization
  • Document: Communication records such as phone calls, emails, meetings and job fairs
  • Automate: Saved Search emails to automatically send lists of your jobs to partners across the nation
  • Report: Documentation of conducted outreach and user activity

The capability of this application is advanced, but it doesn’t have to be, if you are just getting started. First and foremost, create a partner record to begin attaching communication records. You can either add them from the OFCCP partner library, or fill out an easy online form with items such as partner name, URL, type, and contact information. Second, add a communication record. Once you have added a partner, add records for phone calls and emails that demonstrate outreach and relationship building. Lastly, set up a saved search to automatically notify your partner organization of jobs available in the area.

That’s it! It really is that easy to become a user of this system and begin leveraging the application to document and collect outreach. Once you have your team in place, we can arrange training and help you set up additional capabilities within the system. Additional features like Partner Assessment, which assess groups of communication records, and Non-User Outreach, which collects outreach from outside your department, make this a far reaching application with many benefits. If you haven’t already, contact our Member Engagement team at engagement@directemployers.org to explore your options with this and other products and services at DirectEmployers.

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