OFCCP Week In Review: January 25, 2021

OFCCP Week In Review: January 25, 2021

  • How Ten Organizations Rocked Their Section 503 Compliance Reviews
  • Four New WHD Opinion Letters, Including Independent Contractor Scenario
  • EEOC Touts $535 Million in Discrimination Recoveries in FY2020
  • Day One for President Biden Included, Among Many Actions, Revoking EO 13950
  • Several New Appointees (and a Termination) in the Labor World
  • Jenny Yang on the Job For Less Than 24 Hours Before Sued to Stop OFCCP’s Religious Discrimination Final Rule
  • $15 Federal Min Wage In The Works
OFCCP Week In Review: January 25, 2021

OFCCP Week In Review: January 19, 2021

  • Opinion Letter Issued on the Scope of Legal Protections for Religious Liberty
  • Negotiation Impasse Among Top Issues Requesting Ombud Service
  • The EEOC Announced Dates for Three EEO Survey Data Collections
  • Focused Review Survival Grid with New AAP Page
  • DE Talk Podcast: Leverage Your Strengths with CliftonStrengths Finder
  • Comment Now on the Registration & EEO in Apprenticeships Program
  • Religious Discrimination in Employment – Report Released
  • EEOC Final Rule on Its Conciliation Process Moves in the Direction of Employers, but is Ultimately Disappointing
  • OFCCP Reveals Top Five Violations from Disability Focused Reviews
  • EEOC Opinion Letter: No OWBPA Disclosures Required to Non-U.S. Citizens Outside the United States
  • Clarity on EEOC’s Authority to Intervene in Litigation and Approve Amicus Curiae Recommendations
  • Biden Transition Team Floats Trial Balloon: Jenny Yang for OFCCP Director?
  • EEOC Director of State, Local, and Tribal Programs Appointed
  • Three New FLSA Opinion Letters from WHD
  • EEOC Revised Compliance Manual Section on Religious Discrimination
DE Talk Unplugged | Achieving Excellence Through Strengths

DE Talk | Naming, Claiming, & Aiming Your Strengths in 2021

Season 2 • Episode 5

Studies suggest that people spend around eighty percent of their time focused on fixing weaknesses, and only twenty percent of their time trying to build upon strengths in most workplaces. However, we achieve excellence most often when using our strengths—enter the CliftonStrengths assessment. In this episode, Jen Polcer chats with JoDee Curtis from Purple Ink LLC to discuss how CliftonStrengths can transform workplaces from weakness-fixing to strengths-based cultures and use those strengths as a roadmap to becoming our best selves.

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OFCCP Week In Review: January 25, 2021

OFCCP Week In Review: January 11, 2021

  • EEOC Mediation Pilot Program Extended
  • USDOJ Pursues Last-Minute Attempt to Kill “Adverse Impact” Discrimination Claims Against Federal Grant Recipients
  • USDOL’s New Independent Contractor Final Rule is DOA, Or Is It? Not So Fast!
  • Comment on EEOC’s Wellness Program Incentive Proposal
  • HIRE Vets Award Officially Open for Registration
  • E-Verify Back-Up – Get Compliant by January 11, 2021
  • EEOC Shuts Down Democrat Commissioners’ Objections to More Transparent Commission Conciliation Negotiations with Respondent Employers
  • New Resources in the Telework & Accessibility Toolkit
  • New FAQs on CA Pay Data Reporting Act
  • WHD Issued First Two Opinion Letters of 2021
  • What Exactly is “Systemic Enforcement” at the EEOC?
  • Employment Numbers Take a Hit as Dining Occupancy Allowance Drops
  • Biden announced Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as Labor Secretary Nominee
  • EEOC To Hold Two Public Meetings This Week