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The DirectEmployers Association Annual Meeting & Conference 2010 (#DEAM10) was a celebration of 9 incredibly successful years, as well as kicking off our 10th year anniversary. DirectEmployers Association was established in October 2001 making October 2011 our 10-year anniversary. There was a subliminal “10” theme over the two days reflected by the prizes, videos and activities.

U.S. loses 85,000 jobs, but hopes grow

Press Release

December saw losses of 85,000 jobs, but Friday’s labor report also showed a small
employment gain in November, the first since the recession began in December 2007.

The job market isn’t improving – not yet, anyway. But signs of future growth keep popping up.

To begin with, the US actually gained 4,000 jobs in November, according to revised data released by the Department of Labor on Friday. That upward revision in November makes December’s unexpectedly big loss of 85,000 jobs look all the more stark.

Still, the November total (which is still preliminary) marks the first time in 23 months that the US has actually gained jobs.