In this episode we look at how can help job seekers:

  • Transition from a military to civilian career
  • Find and apply for jobs near military bases
  • Search by city, title, keywords and military job title or code

If you’re a transitioning military service member or you’re family of an active military service member, offers a new way to find and apply for jobs not only in your area of expertise, but also near the base where you’re stationed.

When you type in in your web browser you’ll see a tab on the top left corner that says “Browse Sites.” When you click on it, you can search by states, cities, companies, or the newest tab, military bases. Choose military bases and either search by typing in the name of a military base – for example Fort Hood – or by typing in a location of a military base – for example San Diego – which has both a Marine Corp base and a naval base. From there you can view all jobs, or search by city, title, keywords, military job title or code.

Each month over 140,000 searches are conducted on Google, Yahoo and Bing containing the search phrase “veterans jobs.” If you’re one of those who have joined that search, look no further. All you have to do is put a dot in the middle –

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