It has been a while since I last highlighted a company linking to their .JOBS Microsite. This is one of the main recommendations we make as soon as a .JOBS Microsite goes live.  We recommend this, because the most trusted source of job related information for any particular company is the companies corporate career site. The corporate career site has huge amounts of history and trust with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, so by linking to the .JOBS Microsite you are able to transfer some of that trust to the new SEO optimized microsite.

Two weeks ago, the .JOBS Branding of the Week was Eaton. Not only do they have fantastic branding, they also are one of the companies that links to their .JOBS Microsite prominently. Below is a screenshot and a link to the area where they link to They built a map that seamlessly links off to the relevant pages on their microsite. This linking has driven a ton of referral traffic, but more importantly it has greatly boosted their SEO or organic traffic growth. The linking strategy went live in the middle of December 2012. In the very next month organic traffic had increased by 85%. Two months later it had increased by 100%. Eaton has done a great job of not only branding their microsite, but also in linking to it from their corporate career site, and the results they are seeing are best of breed.

Seth Flater
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