Let’s face the facts–for some, making connections is inherently built into their DNA. For others, making cold calls and building relationships is an uncomfortable gray area. The fact of the matter is that outreach is a necessary component of your federal contract. When done correctly, it can aid in diversifying your workplace, building your pipeline of candidates, and simplifying your sourcing and recruitment processes. So how can DirectEmployers help? How are we truly different than other compliance solutions? Let’s dive in and take a look at our full-circle approach to partnerships, outreach, and connections.


Establishing Partnerships

For Members of DirectEmployers, we’ve jump-started the process with a partnership team dedicated solely to initiating those relationships. These individuals thrive on reaching out and vetting organizations across the nation to help connect you with national and community-based partners providing employment and training services to veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, minorities, and more. Best of all, this team is more than happy to introduce you to these organizations so you can improve your diversity outreach and expand your applicant pool.

DirectEmployers Diversity Partner


Conducting Outreach

Job listing remains a considerable component of your federal contract, but another equally important factor is conducting outreach to organizations that assist with diversifying your workforce. In a recent post covering the OFCCP’s Town Hall Action Plan, we discussed how DirectEmployers is different by offering an all-encompassing approach to outreach using the tools below to aid in starting the conversation and tracking and documenting your efforts:

  • Job Syndication to a vetted network of diversity partners: automated distribution to over 1,000 vetted partners around the nation
  • VetCentral Direct: a direct messaging system that provides access to local veteran employment representatives across the country
  • VocRehab+: an application assisting with outreach and hiring initiatives to individuals with disabilities by connecting you with vocational rehabilitation offices nationwide and automating job delivery to over 1,000 vetted vocational rehabilitation representatives
  • Partner Relationship Manageran online directory of organizations with the added bonus of offering one centralized platform to document outreach efforts and track outreach activities
  • Targeted Job Distribution: a job distribution tool that provides Members access to an extensive directory of local and community-based organizations around the country (growing each week!)


Documenting Connections

You’ve done the legwork, contacted the partner, and are well on your way to developing rapport with the organization that can assist you with your hiring efforts–now what? The next step in the compliance matrix is to assess your outreach, document your interaction, and record your notes. To help keep your team organized, we offer a tool to streamline this process by providing a single location for outreach–the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM). With the PRM, you can automatically share jobs, record notes on all interactions, and generate reports that demonstrate outreach efforts and effectiveness.

While the core of DirectEmployers service may be job listing services for OFCCP compliance, the additional resources and connection points are invaluable. While no one can conduct the outreach on your behalf, we can do the extra work to build the initial connection. With a partnership team dedicated to initiating conversations and building relationships, we’re here as an extension of your staff helping vet organizations across the country and helping you get closer to meeting your goals. Sound good? Reach out to your membership team today to learn more, or to uncover additional benefits of membership!

Jaime Costilow
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