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2020 HR State of the Industry

Remote Work and D&I Reign Supreme

hen 2020 began, projected HR trends centered on emerging AI technologies in sourcing and talent acquisition, but a few months into the new year, the industry was turned on its head, and human resources professionals worldwide were faced with tasks and challenges they never saw coming. Mass layoffs, furloughs, complete transitions to a fully remote workforce, advanced workplace safety protocol, and an incredible need for new job creation were just a few of the issues presented as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Just when the pandemic’s sting started to wane, protests and riots broke out around the world regarding racial equality and social justice—issues that are anything but new, but nevertheless persist in today’s society without resolve.

With these issues in mind, we grew curious.

  • How are job seekers and employers handling these issues?
  • How do job seeker and employer challenges differ?
  • How can we address these gaps for the greater good of the workforce?

To get to the bottom of it, we surveyed Fortune 2000 employers, their employee counterparts, and even current job seekers representing the diversity seen in the workforce to get to the bottom of it—want to know what we found? Fill out the form to download the state of the industry survey results white paper.

State of the industry survey question: Have you had to move to remote working? Yes 56%; No 26%; Already remove 18%

State of the industry survey results
Where do employers and job seekers align?

Download the state of the industry survey results white paper to receive crucial insights that will assist you in planning efforts for the coming year. From this research-based white paper you will gain statistics and facts related to:


COVID-19’s effect on overall employment status, including the move to remote work, job security, and confidence in job seekers

Hiring discrimination and biases existing toward Black and minority ethnic backgrounds (BAME)
Differing perspectives related to social issues such as diversity and inclusion, the gender pay gap, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and LGBTQ+ rights

Where employers like you stand on diversity and inclusion programs