Employers Refine Veterans Job Search Tool

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Employers across the nation are refining their military crosswalks to better match veteran job seekers with civilian job openings. If you’re a veteran and have previously had trouble matching your MOS/MOC to job opportunities, we’ve got good news for you! Watch the video below to learn how DirectEmployers Members like AT&T and Phillips 66 have gone the extra mile by putting a little heart into their veteran hiring initiatives.

.JOBS Update: Hiring Veterans

.JOBS Update: Hiring Veterans

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In this episode:

How Lockheed Martin, Ryder, AT&T and other Federal Contractors are utilizing .JOBS in their veterans initiatives including:

  • Lockheed Martin incorporates their military transition program into their .JOBS site
  • Using our military translator, Ryder allows vets to match their military skill set with complementary civilian job openings
  • AT&T has created an entire veteran eco system with careers4vets.att.jobs
  • Improved search capabilities and visually enhanced pages on veterans.jobs